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Valued Opinions & Testimonials

Paid for by Citizens for Tom Kretz, Chad Hansen, Treasurer

" Tom's extensive knowledge of the community, government experience, and business savvy make him an ideal candidate for Beavercreek Township Trustee "     

​                Rhonda Chambal, Realtor ®

"Tom brings a lifetime of valuable business skills and common sense to local government."

    - Rick Perales, Ohio State Representative

Tom Kretz  for Beavercreek Township Trustee

" Tom has been instrumental in building a strong relationship between the Township and City, working  to leverage the combined resources of our entire  Community "

      - Bob Stone, Mayor, City of Beavercreek

Tom is a Husband, Father, Businessman, Entrepreneur, Strategic Adviser, Management Consultant, Commercial Realtor, Community Ambassador and Small Business Mentor.!

Tom fights for what’s right even when it’s not popular, is persistent in rooting out waste and inefficiency, and wakes up every day craving a challenge or problem to solve… just ask anyone who knows him!

Tom has been married to his wife Kim for 30+ years and lived in the Beavercreek Community for 27+ years. Tom and Kim are graduates from Carroll High School.  Their sons Joel and Eric attended Shaw and Fairbrook Elementary Schools and graduated from Beavercreek High School.  Together, Tom & Kim owned and operated several area business, volunteered with several youth, sports, school, church and civic organizations, and raised their family Beavercreek Strong!

Joel went on from BHS to graduate from Marquette University, dual majoring in Economics & Finance and now resides in Cincinnati where he works full time in Investment Banking and is completing his MBA at Xavier University.  

Eric went on from BHS to graduate from the University of Pittsburgh, majoring in Emergency Medicine and currently serving as a Commissioned Officer, 2d Lt in the US Air Force while attending the USUHS  F. Edward Hebert School of Medicine in Bethesda, MD at Walter Reed Medical Center. Eric is engaged to be married to his fiance, Kylie, in December 2019. 

Tom’s resume includes 28+ Years Business Experience:

  • - Building Businesses - Locally, throughout the USA and in 38 Countries 
  • - Responsible for $220 Million+ in Revenue & Expenses
  • - Managing Complex Multi-Million Dollar Projects 
  • - Developing and Implementing Strategic, Operational & Logistics Plans
  • - Building Teams of Managers, Supervisors, Employees & Suppliers
  • - Rooting out Inefficiency & Waste
  • - Fighting for Fiscal Responsibility, Accountability and Transparency